19% THC 0.2% CBD
Terpenes: Myrcene, Terpinolene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
Voluptas – Meaning pleasure or delight and in mythology was the daughter of Cupid. Perhaps that’s why I’m so in love with this strain. It is also known as Island Sweet Skunk which sums up the smell and flavour profile very well. Visually the buds are light, fluffy and bright green with orange hairs. The smell starts off sweet and tropical and finishes with an earthy mellow tone. It lives up to its name with the easy going island vibes and the euphoric heady effects are felt almost instantly when using a vaporizer. Start slow with this one if you are not an experienced user.
This strain is a mood lifter and helps relax my anxiety. You may also begin to find Aunty Laya’s jokes at family dinner *mildly* hilarious. This strain produces a light body buzz but I do not encounter any couch lock. I have found this strain to be very cerebral which can help take your mind off aches and pains or feel motivated to put on some Bob Marley and tackle that Christmas baking you’ve been putting off. I also use it for social events as it perks me up better than espresso and helps me feel at ease in a crowd. It might not turn you into a social butterfly but you will be tempted to hit the dance floor. Many of the terpenes in this strain are known for being anti-inflammatory as well so we jammin’!
I would recommend using it morning, daytime, afternoon and early evening for an uplifting experience. I’ve used glassware, joints and a volcano but hands down this delectable strain tasted best with my Pax handheld vaporizer which picked up flavours of sour grapefruit and mango. I love this strain for the smooth sweet taste and the irie vibes.


— Shivonne Stewart, Patient Intake Coordinator

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