Welcome to NHS

Welcome to Natural Health Services. We are looking forward to becoming your partner in health and helping you access medical cannabis.

How it works...

Are you new to Natural Health Services? Here is what you can expect:

Request an Appointment

You can request online or by calling 1-844-262-0942.

Attend your Appointment

At your appointment, you will meet with a licensed medical professional to discuss whether or not medical cannabis is a fit for you.


Education Session

After your appointment, you will visit our Education Centre and meet with a Patient Educator. Our Educators are trained to help you choose a Licensed Producer (LP) and answer questions about medical cannabis.

Register with a LP

Once you have chosen your LP, you’ll visit the LP’s website and register with them as a patient. We will make sure your medical document is securely sent to them.


LP Verification

The verification process can take up to two (2) weeks or 10 business days. Once your account is verified, your LP will contact you so you can place your first order.

Order your Medicine

All orders are placed directly with your chosen LP. Most producers accept orders by phone or through their website. Your medicine will be delivered right to your door by courier or Canada Post.


The follow-up is a good time to ask questions or discuss any changes you may have regarding your medication. In Alberta, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta requires all patients to attend regular follow-up appointments every 3 months.

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Visit our FAQ or contact our Patient Care team. We are here to help!